Talking To A Loved One About Attending A Recovery Center In Calabasas

by | Apr 7, 2015 | Health Care

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Many people have challenges, traumatic events and difficulties in their past or in their present preventing them from moving forwards. These issues could include difficulties in relationships, addictions, depression or anxiety or even problems with self-esteem and self-confidence. Whatever the issues may be seeking help from a recovery center in Calabasas is an essential first step in making a positive change.

However, sometimes loved ones and friends seem immobilized to seek the help they need from a recovery center in Calabasas. As a concerned friend, colleague or family member having a healthy, positive and insightful discussion into how mental health professionals can help is often an important initial conversation.

When talking to anyone about going to a recovery center in Calabasas there are some methods or techniques in approaching the conversation which will be helpful. There are also some important mistakes to avoid which will prevent the individual from becoming defensive and simply shutting down.

Speak Without Judgment

It is very important to not judge another person or speak in a judgmental way when talking about attending a recovery center in Calabasas. Talking about your concerns for the individual and how you want them to succeed in life is often helpful and avoids placing blame.

It is important to understand with addiction and many mental health issues the individual will be in a state of denial. Unless he or she is willing to seek help threatening what will happen if they don’t get help will not be successful.

Avoid Advice

Many people don’t mean any harm or any blame when giving advice to a person considering attending a recovery center in Calabasas, but this may well be the way it is being received.

Instead of suggesting a recovery venue or service, ask what the individual would like in the way of help or assistance. Ask questions to get to their understanding or comfort level in what they are willing to consider for help and assistance. You may want to provide information on different centers in the Calabasas area for the individual to review and consider.

It is also critical the person be involved in selecting the recovery center in Calabasas they will attend. He or she needs to make the choice as an individual and feel empowered to get the help and assistance needed. This cannot happen if someone else handles everything for them and simply tells the individual what to do.

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