Talk to Your Santa Barabara Dental Services about Lumineers

by | Jan 31, 2012 | General

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The technology is currently available for everyone to have a bright and beautiful smile at and affordable cost. In the past covering up little things like stained teeth and small gaps between the teeth required the use of veneers. The veneers were attached to the very front of the tooth. The only purpose the veneers serve is cosmetic. While people love the way their smile looks after the veneers have been attached, they did complain about the number of times that they had to return to their Santa Barabara dental services to get the veneers replaced.

Did you know that your Santa Barabara dental services now have an alternative to veneers?

Instead of talking to your dentist about the possibility of using veneers to improve the appearance of your teeth, you are going to want to talk to them about something called Lumineers. Like veneers the Lumineers will give you the gorgeous smile you have always wanted. The difference is that you won’t have to make so many trips to your Santa Barabara dental services to get them redone.

The first thing you should know about the Lumineers is that they are not nearly as painful to get done as the veneers are. Since the process is a great deal less extensive, the price is usually lower then the veneers. Best of all the Lumineers should last for a really long time which is going to further decrease their cost. Lumineers are quickly becoming a favorite cosmetic dental procedure that Santa Barabara dental services offer.

Getting your Lumineers is going to require that you make two separate trips to the dentist office. The first trip is going to be to get an impression of your teeth made. A lab will be able to use the impression your dentist has made of your teeth and will be able to custom make the Lumineers for you. The second appointment is when the Lumineers will be attached to your teeth. Although your dentist is going to have to some light etching before the Lumineers can be attached, it is nowhere near as extensive as the work required before you can be fitted for veneers.

Since the use of Lumineers in cosmetic dentistry is a fairly new thing, no one knows for sure just how long they are going to last. The hope is that they are going to be something that you will be able to use your entire life and never have to be redone. The technology is constantly improving so the expectations of permanent Lumineers isn’t out of line. As of right now, most dentists will tell you that you can reasonably expect your Lumineers to give you at least twenty years’ worth of beautiful smiles.


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