Talk To Your Pet Hospital In Pacific Grove About Pet Sterilization

by | Mar 7, 2012 | Animal Health

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A pet hospital in Pacific Grove can help you with the sterilization of your pet. The sterilization procedure is called spaying and neutering. These are surgical procedures and involve removal of the reproductive organs of dogs and cats. Spaying is for female dogs and cats to remove their uterus and ovaries while neutering is the removal of male dog’s or cat’s reproductive organs. Sterilizing your pet is a very important health decision and it helps in improving the health of your dogs or cats. Talk to a pet hospital about the benefits of spay/ neutering.

Understand The Process Of Spay/ Neutering With A Pet Hospital In Pacific Grove

These are surgical procedures and hence require your pet to be under general anesthesia. Spaying is generally a more invasive than neutering. As is with all other surgeries, these procedures also carry some risks but they are fairly low. Talk to your veterinarian to understand the process. Follow the guidelines provided by your pet hospital to prepare your pet for the surgery. Abstain your pet from food and water as necessary and be prepared that your pet might need to stay in the hospital for some time for recovery after the surgical procedure. Depending upon the age of your pet, the hospital might want to keep the pet for a few hours to a few days.

The minimum age for pets to be spayed or neutered is as young as 8 weeks of age but is typically done before they reach sexual maturity which is at about 5 months old.

Understand The Benefits Of Spay/ Neutering With A Pet Hospital In Pacific Grove

We have an ever increasing problem of pet overpopulation. Due to the overpopulation over 3-4 million pets are euthanized each year. Spay/ neutering helps to keep the pet overpopulation in check.

It reduces the likelihood of serious health issues such as testicular or uterine cancer. Pets that are spayed and neutered are calmer, less aggressive. Spaying also eliminates the problems associated with a female in heat or the chances of bloodstains around the house. A male cat that has been neutered makes him less aggressive and less likely to spray urine to mark the territory.

Talk To A Pet Hospital In Pacific Grove About The Common Concerns With Spay And Neutering

Some of the common concerns are:

If these procedures tend to make your pet weight more gain – Weight gain can easily be controlled with good nutrition and active physical exercises. Lack of these can make your pet gain extra weight at any time.

Cost of these surgeries – With the latest advancement in technology, the procedure is relatively inexpensive. Talk to your pet hospital in Pacific Grove to get more details on the expense. Why not sterilize my cat after one litter? – An early sterilization before the females get into heat is beneficial for you and your pet and controls overpopulation

Your pet hospital Pacific Grovecan advise you regarding the concerns and cost for spay and neutering of your pets.

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