Taking Your Fire Pit to the Next Level

If you already have a pit in your backyard – you may simply use it a few times a year to host events like bonfires for your friends and family. After those are over, it can often sit in your backyard for months at a time. Your pit was an investment, and it’s silly to let it sit there collecting dust when there are plenty of great ways to use it throughout the year. If you’d like to start getting more out of your fire pit, take a few of these suggestions into consideration the next time you think about entertaining.

A Great Grilling Option
Did you know that you can purchase a stainless steel grill option for your pit that will allow it to double as a grilling and barbecuing station during the warmer summer months? This can be a lot of fun and can turn a regular BBQ into a social event that your friends and family will be talking about for years to come. With a simply connector and a grill inset – you can sit around the fire pit and socialize while grilling your dinner. Now THAT’S a unique get together!

Table Top Option
Sometimes it’s just too hot to have a fire, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t utilize your pit at the same time! Many companies have started manufacturing custom tabletops that fit right over top of your pit and turn it into a functional space for entertaining. If you feel as though you could always benefit from having a little bit more counter space outside during BBQ’s and get-togethers, adding something like this could really be of benefit. Think of all the opportunities!

Beautiful Colors
If you’d still like to use your fire pit for its intended use, you can still do so while “taking it to the next level” so-to-say. Thanks to unique glass pieces that are meant to be placed in your pit while the fire is burning, you can create a beautiful colored glow both in the basin itself as well as in the flame. Thanks to the non-sharp edges of the glass and the easy installation process, this is an incredibly quick and easy change to make that will inspire you to spend more time around your fire. These great outdoor areas are wonderful places to spend quality time with the ones you love. By doing all you can to inspire that, you’ll be doing much more than just improving your home’s pit.

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