Taking Time to Recover From Woodlands Lap Band

With the help of Woodlands Lap Band, individuals can begin to see immediate and speedy weight loss. The surgery consists of several incisions that allow the doctor to go in and place a band around the upper portion of the stomach. Over the next several weeks, the patient needs to allow his or her body to recover. Weeks later, the surgeon will attempt to tighten the band and help the patient’s attempt to losing weight.

Immediately following the laparoscopic banding, people tend to be very tired and ready to head home and rest. They often feel some level of pain and take either over the counter pain medication or a prescription provided by the surgeon. It isn’t easy but most of the time, it is recommended that people spend some time walking around just a little to help the body begin recovery.

A person’s eating habits are completely transformed over the course of the next two to three weeks. Because the stomach is attempting to heal, only liquids can be tolerated. Every person is different. Some will only be able to take a couple of sips of something and feel completely full and ready to stop ingesting. Others will be able to take larger amounts of liquid, however these larger amounts of liquid are still minimal when compared to the person’s previous eating and drinking habits.

Drinking water is important, as a patient should not allow him or herself to become dehydrated while attempting to recover. Even small amounts of water at a time are beneficial. The changes the surgery created affect a person’s digestive system and sometimes there are negative symptoms during recovery, including challenges when it comes to going to the bathroom. By staying hydrated, a person lessons the chance of running into a severe problem.

Eventually, solid foods are slowly reintroduced. In order to maximize the value of the Woodlands Lap Band, healthy foods should be considered a priority when it comes to meal planning. Even after recovery, the body will need certain things to keep it running. Most patients choose to take a dietary supplement that includes vitamins and minerals to ensure that the body gets what it needs to stay healthy.