Take Your Pet To A Pet Hospital In Orange CA For Vaccinations

by | Mar 10, 2012 | Animal Health

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Talk to a  pet hospital in Orange CA to create a preventive medicine or vaccination plan for your pet. Vaccines in cats and dogs are essential to keep them healthy and prevent them from contacting several infectious diseases. Vaccines have been shown to be effective in at least 95% of the vaccinated pets. Timely vaccination will also save your cost of the treatment of a sick pet.

Vaccines can be categorized into two types- core and non-core. Core vaccines are essential and must be given to the pets while non-core vaccines are given based upon the individual requirement. Depending upon the risks and lifestyle requirements your pet might need one or the other vaccine.

Learn about the immunity in pets from a pet hospital in Orange CA

Baby animals acquire viral immunity when they are nursed by a vaccinated mother within the first 12 hours where as adult pets get their immunity only from vaccinations or if they have previously suffered from the disease.
Pet hospitals recommend vaccinations at the age of 8 weeks which is also the time when the baby animal is weaned off from his or her mother.

Younger animals usually receive booster doses administered monthly till they reach 16weeks of age. Pets need re-vaccination annually to keep up the immune system of their body. An annual visit to the pet hospital can provide the requirement for a re-vaccination. You should keep the record of the vaccination provided by the veterinarian and bring the medical records on your scheduled visits to the pet hospital.

Talk To The Pet Hospital In Orange CA About Dog Vaccines

Core vaccines for dogs are for the following diseases:

* Rabies: a viral disease that attacks the nervous system
* Distemper: An often fatal viral disease that affects the respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts
* Hepatitis: A viral disease that affects liver and other organs and can get fatal
* Parvovirus: A viral disease with severe vomiting and diarrhea
* Parainfluenza: A viral disease of the respiratory system

Non-core vaccines that may or may not be needed for your dog are:

* Bordetella: A bacterial infection
* Lyme disease: A bacterial infection caused by ticks
* Giardia: This vaccine can prevent shedding of cysts but doesn’t prevent infection
* Influenza: Canine influenza is a viral infection in dogs

Talk To The Pet Hospital In Orange CA About Cat Vaccines

Core vaccines required for cats include:

* Rabies: A viral disease that attacks the nervous system
* Herpesvirus: A viral infection that affects upper respiratory tracts
* Calicivirus: A viral infection for upper respiratory infection
* Panleukopenia: A viral infection also called as feline distemper

Non-core vaccines in cats include:

* Feline leukemia virus: This infection causes anemia, suppression of the immune system and cancer
* Feline Immunodeficiency Virus: This virus causes immune system suppression

Preventive medicine and vaccinations are very important for your pet’s healthy life. Take your pet to a pet hospital Orange CA for regular vaccinations. Contact OC Veterinary Medical Center for more details.

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