Symptoms Of Prostrate Cancer

by | Aug 18, 2011 | Health Care

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Did you know that prostrate cancer is probably the most common form of cancer among men in the US today? According to an estimate by the American Cancer Society, about 33, 720 men will die of such a disease in the year 2011. As about 1 in 6 men is diagnosed with the disease, you might also be vulnerable! But, you should know that most cancers are curable if they get detected at an early age. Thus, awareness about the early signs and symptoms of the disease can probably save your life one day. You can also share your knowledge about such symptoms with your loved ones so that they could also keep cancer at bay and get treated at the first notice of such symptoms.

Prostrate is basically a gland that is located in the pelvis, just below the bladder. Due to its unique location in the body, the cancer in this gland is often associated with a few unique symptoms. But, for this you need to have an idea of the urinary system in men –

When the urine flows out of the bladder, it travels through a thin tube-like organ called urethra. The urine from the bladder passes through the prostrate before it travels through the urethra. If the gland gets enlarged or affected by cancer, the tube is pinched tighter thereby making it harder for the urine to make its way through the urinary system of the body. This is when the first or primary symptoms occur.

Check for the following symptoms –

  • Frequent urge to urination. You will feel an urge to pass urine much more frequently than in normal situations.
  • Urgency in urination is another symptom. You will feel as if you need to urinate immediately.
  • It is also characterized by a problem called “nocturia” or getting up to urinate multiple times at might.
  • You will also face difficulty in starting urine stream.

Sometimes all these symptoms might just be because of BPH or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, which is not cancer but, just swelling up of the gland. That is the reason why you should consult with an experienced oncologist to detect and get treated effectively. In addition to these symptoms, there are a few other less common symptoms that you should also watch out for, like –

  • Blood in the semen
  • Blood in the urine
  • Loss of bladder control
  • Pain in the bones of the body
  • Impotence or erectile dysfunction

You should never ignore any such signs that indicate a possibility of cancer in the prostrate. Harrisburg has a couple of good cancer hospitals and clinics that you can visit.




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