Sure Signs that You Need Transmission Repair in Montgomery, TX

If your car has started to remind you of a slow internet connection, it may be time to get Transmission Repair Montgomery TX. That’s because lag is one of the surest signs of transmission trouble. When there are no odd engine noises to accompany the lag, you can pretty much go to the transmission shop right then. This, however, isn’t the only sign that something is seriously amiss with the transmission. Here are a few things you should look out for:

That Lag

Since transmission trouble isn’t the only cause of lag, it may be helpful to add more detail to the description. If you step on the gas and you can hear the engine speed up, but the car responds slowly or only after a delay, look at the trans. The normal response when a car doesn’t move even when you’re pressing on the accelerator pedal is to put the pedal down more. When you do this and the transmission isn’t working, the response will usually be engine racing along with a whine. Actual acceleration will come slowly, if at all. Often, the car will just mosey along no matter what you do.

The Whine

That whine is the sound of the internal parts of an automatic transmission slipping against each other without actually engaging. As this happens, it creates friction that heats up the transmission fluid. This heating leads to the next signs:

The Scent of Burning Transmission Fluid and Brown Fluid

As you try desperately to get the car to go faster than a kid’s tricycle, the transmission fluid heats up enough to begin to smoke. The smoke is usually invisible, but you’ll surely smell it if the condition of the part is bad enough. This scorching does more than produce obnoxious, surely-hazardous fumes. It also ruins the fluid’s viscosity, which hastens the transmission’s inevitable end. If you check your transmission fluid, you’ll find that it is brown or black instead of the proper red color. That’s another by-product of the scorching.

These symptoms can come on slowly, or they can seem to appear overnight. Either way, each of them are unique enough that spotting even one means that it’s time to go get Quality Transmission Repair Shop Montgomery TX. Doing it right away can save you from being stranded, so make a point to get the repairs as soon as you can. To learn more about transmission repair, just Visit website.

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