Support the Skin You’re In

Your skin acts like a shield against things that could cause you harm on the outside. If we didn’t have skin our bodies would be open to moisture, the sun and the cold, germs and other toxic substances. It keeps you protected all day long. Over time as it ages it gets harder for the skin to perform its job correctly. That is why dermal fillers in Chesterfield, MO area, can give you back your skin its ability to fight.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid is a substance that the body naturally produces that gives skin a fuller look while keeping it hydrated. As the years pass the human body slows down on its production which leads the skin to look thinned and grey. By having a dermal gel injected under the skin you are compensating for your bodies inability to create what it needs. The gel is injected and your body uses it to revitalize your skin and offers you a more youthful look.

The Process

The treatment itself is a very straight forward. After a series of tiny injections which takes up to 30 minutes to complete, you simply don’t rub or massage the injected area and you don’t expose it to extreme heat or cold. Some people may experience slight bruising that may last a day or two, but, there is no significant downtime after a treatment. Once the gel has absorbed into your body it will take on your body’s normal temperature. Your skin now has everything it needs to do its job again.

Skin Specialists with Skills

West County Dermatology knows the importance that your skin plays in your daily life. They also know how to deal with a wide array of dermatological issues. By contacting them today you can begin to give your skin some help in maintaining a more youthful appearance.

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