Supplemental Or Primary Care From The Plainview NY Walk In Medical Clinic

by | Apr 3, 2019 | Health

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Often, the need for medical care arises outside of normal business hours when traditional clinics are closed. Patients are then forced to either suffer through their ailments until their doctor is once again available or make a costly trip to the emergency room. As an alternative, they could seek assistance from the New Jersey Walk In Medical Clinic.

Walk in clinics are able to provide the same type of medical care as traditional clinics, but they often operate twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Patients need not make an appointment in advance, they can simply arrive at the clinic, sign in and wait to see a physician. Patients should bring identification, insurance cards and any current medications they are taking with them to the New Jersey Walk In Medical Clinic.

Clinics of this nature are often able to provide specialized care, such as cardiac treatments, prenatal exams and others in specific fields. Walk in clinics can also offer wound care, maintenance and removal of sutures, treatment for broken bones and similar emergency care. While some walk in clinics are designed to give supplemental care in the absence of a primary physician, others are able to offer primary care providers.

The New Jersey Walk In Medical Clinic sees patients on a first come, first served structure combined with a triage basis. This means patients are given care in the order they arrive unless a patient with an emergency need is admitted. Walk in clinics may refer patients to a specialist or to a hospital emergency room if required.

Patients at a walk in clinic will receive discharge papers and post care instructions following care and a medical report will be sent to their primary care giver outlining the type of care that was administered. In most cases, visits to the New Jersey Walk In Medical Clinic are covered by medical insurance to the same degree as traditional clinic visits.

Walk in clinics offer round the clock medical care to patients and prevent the need for unnecessary trips to the emergency room. Providing the same high quality patient care as other physicians, these clinics help save patients money, time and suffering.

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