Successful Tenant Finishes in Denver CO: Tips for an Easy Move

Moving a home is stressful, but moving a business is fraught with unique challenges. Even if you’re the business owner, you may not have as much control over the move as you’d like to, and you’re probably under company guidelines. Make the move as simple and stress-free as possible by following the company relocation tips below.

Getting Ready to Move

All successful corporate moves are planned well in advance. Time is money, and if you’re busy moving, you’re not doing business. Make the move more cost-efficient by using your time wisely. Familiarize yourself with the new location, and hire a company specializing in quality Tenant Finishes in Denver CO to take measurements and ensure that your current furnishings are a good fit for your new office. Make copies of the new floor plan and distribute them to your employees; knowing what to expect will reduce stress for them (and you).

A Quick Pre-Move Checklist

  • Below is a brief list of things to go over, to ensure that nothing’s overlooked or left behind:
  • Are the desks and supply cabinets empty?
  • Are file cabinets clear, with drawers locked?
  • Is the wall decor taken down, with breakables properly packed?
  • Are all electronics disconnected and packed away?
  • If leaving anything behind, does the item have a ‘Do Not Move’ tag for the tenant finish company?
  • Are employee furnishings labeled?
  • Do you have a set of spare keys?
  • Keep Everyone in the Loop

When it comes to relocating a business, communication is very important. Ensure that everyone involved is aware of each and every detail; the fewer questions you have to answer on moving day, the better. If you have multiple workstations that all look the same, but belong to particular employees, your Tenant Finishes Denver CO company needs to know where they’re supposed to go. The easier you make it for the movers, the faster your move will progress-and the more money you’ll save.

Before the day of the move, make an effort to clear out as much old equipment and trash as possible. The more garbage you get rid of, the less you’ll have to haul away; however, you should instruct your ‘cleaning crew’ to ask if they’re in doubt as to what to throw away.

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