Successful 8(a) Certified Company in San Diego California

The U.S. Small Business Administration created the 8(a) Business Development Program to help socially and economically disadvantaged entrepreneurs gain access to government contracts and economic mainstream opportunities. To qualify, a small business has to be comprised of at least 51% of socially and economically disadvantaged individuals. The program offers assistance in many ways including help to build competitive knowledge, learning best practices from more experienced businesses and the ability to develop teams and form joint ventures with other 8(a) certified companies in order to bid on contracts. Many companies have gotten a solid start by participating in this program. One 8(a) Certified Company in San Diego California has found success through this program.

The company provides shipboard repairs, consulting services and parts and supply distribution aimed at keeping ships safe, operational and combat ready for all branches of the military. It also distributes supplies and tools to manufacturers, government agencies, municipalities and several companies. The staff is mainly comprised of Navy Veterans who have knowledge of and command level service aboard Navy vessels. Repairs and consulting services help ships with rehab and preparation for INSURV inspections. This 8(a) Certified Company in San Diego California also provides distribution of products nation wide. The company began in 2010 and has expanded to include 29 warehouses that can ship products overnight to about 97% of the US population.

Thousands of products are available in dozens of categories including tools, parts, hardware, office supplies, janitorial items and safety products. Other categories are more specific and specialized such as thermal protection, tactical equipment, Air Crew support and Flight Deck safety, damage control items and Ceremonial Gear. To visit Coronado Distribution Co online is to discover a resource of massive amounts of information. Various certifications and affiliations are listed and explained in detail. Products are presented in organized categories and services are fully described. The Board Members are listed with names, education, experience and service histories. Customer examples are available, as are testimonials for the company. It is worth the time to check it out even if you don’t need any supplies or services from this company.

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