Strategies to Avoid the Need for Septic Tank System Repair

Sometimes a family finds the perfect Texas country home except for one problem: the septic tank is relatively small for the size of their household. The place may have been built by a couple who didn’t put much burden on the septic system; they might even have been a retired couple who traveled a lot and spent summers up north. To avoid having to get a larger tank installed or pricey Septic Tank System Repair, the family can follow some effective strategies that ease the demand on the system.

What Not to Drain or Flush

One crucial strategy is to avoid sending anything down toilets and drains except a few substances that are acceptable. Human waste and toilet paper can be flushed, but everything else that might otherwise be flushed should go in a wastebasket. Grease from cooking should be kept out of sink drains.

About Cleansers

A reasonable amount of laundry detergent and dish soap is OK, but copious amounts of bleach and harsh cleansers should be avoided as they kill the friendly bacteria in the tank. Those bacteria break down organic solids and are essential for the system to work properly.

Water Usage

Spreading out water usage can be helpful for preventing sewer backups that could occur if the tank becomes overloaded. It’s best to do one or two loads of laundry a day instead of having a full wash day on Saturday. The drain hose from the washing machine should not empty directly into the sewer pipe. Instead, it should drain into a wash basin with a strainer to catch lint.

Annual Pumping

The tank should probably be pumped annually. After the first year, the technicians will be able to evaluate the home’s usage by opening the tank and viewing how high the liquid is and whether anything is being flushed that shouldn’t be. This can be done by a company such as Texas Pride Septic. Please visit the website and learn about this particular organization.

Sometimes Septic Tank System Repair becomes necessary through no fault of the household residents or their guests. The tank may simply be very old and could need some professional attention.

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