Steps to Hiring a Lemon Law Attorney in Oklahoma

Thousands of Lemons are sold every day, and this article isn’t talking about the edible kind either. If you think that you were recently sold a “Lemon” car, there are a few things that you need to learn concerning your state’s laws before moving forward. You can start by contacting or hiring an Oklahoma Lemon Law attorney.

Every state has Lemon Laws that cover new cars, however there are only a few that provide legal recourse when it comes to used cars. Before you act, you must determine if the vehicle you own is a Lemon or not. Every state has different laws concerning lemons, but there are three factors that usually determine whether a vehicle fits into the category or not:

  1. A defect, which alters the value, safety or use of the vehicle, hasn’t been repaired after a certain number of repair attempts (three or four).
  2. A defect causes the car or truck to be unused for 20 – 30 days.
  3. A problem occurs even though the manufacturer’s warranty is still in effect.

Filing a Claim

If the vehicle has met state criteria, the next step will be to check with the governing body on filing Lemon claims. A Lemon Law attorney can help you with this step or you can choose to go about it yourself. It is important however, to keep every copy of correspondence, including repair receipts, work orders and all other correspondence that pertains to mechanic and dealership work. Keep in mind that some states will require a review before hearings are granted.

During a hearing, it will be you against your vehicle’s manufacturer’s representative. This person will be very experienced in handling these types of cases and will know how to use any and all legal tactics and loopholes. Their job is to deny you compensation and that is why hiring an Oklahoma Lemon Law Attorney is so important to you winning your case. Your counsel should have in-depth knowledge concerning the automotive industry and understanding that design and defects in manufacturer flaws are what resulted in your vehicle becoming a Lemon.

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