Steps to Better Gym Hygiene

Nobody ever said that gyms were clean enough to eat off the floor. Gyms are not clean, they harbor germs and bacteria from the bodily fluids of people sweating and drooling all over the place. When you are in the gym, take nothing for granted and never let down your guard, it may look clean but it isn’t. Here are a few tips on staying healthy while using the gym.

75 percent of the people in a survey said they had witnessed other people in the gym commit a faux pas. These glaring mistakes included not wiping down the exercise equipment with gym wipes after they finished using it, using towels and water bottle that were not theirs and going to the gym while sick with a cold or the flu.

Although there is no definitive scientific evidence that gyms make people sick, it stands to reason that you are putting yourself at higher risk than if you stayed at home in front of the TV. Good gym hygiene wipes can limit exposure to those germs that are the cause of colds, staph infections, athlete’s foot, etc.

Wipe and wash. Some people are content with just wiping down the equipment with gym wipes, others are more careful, they not only wipe the equipment they make sure they wipe or wash their hands multiple times while in the gym. The trainers that work in the gym will be the first to tell you that keeping your hands clean is of paramount importance. When you get on the exercise machine make sure you have sanitized it first, all good gyms have a ready supply of gym wipes for this purpose.

Clean your gear. Gym bags are horrible things; they are dark, dirty and great places for fungi to form. Don’t just throw your dirty clothes in the bag, put them in a plastic bag first. When you get home, take the dirty clothes out for laundry and use gym wipes to give the bag a once over on the inside.

Protect your feet: If you shower in the gym, make sure you wear rubber flip flops. They may not be 100 percent protection but they do form a barrier between the shower floor and your feet. Rinse your flip flops in a mild bleach solution every week or so to kill any fungal spores.

Cleanliness is very important, but so is knowing when to take a day off. If you feel bad, have a runny nose or cough or an open wound that has not fully healed, stay home and stay away from the gym.

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