Stainless Steel Strapping Tools Provide Protection During Application

Operating in logistics comes with a number of challenges, large and small. Pack and ship departments should encourage the usage of quality materials on the floor. Productive teams understand when its time to utilize thread-on, push-on, magazine, or snap (open/semi-open) steel strapping seals. They know about each type and why the metal banding clips need to be resilient and dependable. When shipments have the best protection possible, then the business can continue uninterrupted.

Product Value

Strap seals combined with the right tools from the right supplier represents the peak of value throughout the process of operations within shipping. Those seals, which are high-strength and galvanized for extra protection, resist oxidation even under conditions that could be considered extreme. Not only can the material secure packaging from the climate, but it’s also capable of handling the type of products that require careful handling. Steel strapping seals and the buckles help form a permanent between strap ends.

Seals for Stainless Steel Application

Sometimes called band clamps, steel strapping seals have buckles and clips used to secure the ends on products meant for a variety of uses. Adjacent strapping buckles or ear locking/wing seals, work best for high tension. The corrosion-resistant strapping buckles find the greatest application with the tensioning tool on round, flat, and irregular surfaces. Strapping clips, on the other hand, work well insulation and bundle cable – or any other work where low tension is needed.

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