Sound reasons to opt for professional carpet repair

Don’t spend countless hours trying to repair your carpet just for it to look horrible in the end. Save yourself some time and frustration and leave it up to the professionals carpet repair in Chesapeake VA. There a few reasons a carpet may need to be repaired and it usually is a result of poor quality installation.

Carpet Stretching

Sometimes if the carpet has seen high use over the years or it wasn’t installed properly, your carpet may get wrinkles or bubbles in it. This can be a potential safety hazard as the wrinkles are easily tripped over and can make the carpet less appealing. In this case a professional carpet cleaning will be needs, so the carpet can be stretched and reinstalled properly. If the carpet is too old or worn it may rip or tear during the stretching process and it needs to be replaced rather than repaired. The professional you hire should be able to tell you if your carpet is at risk of damage before they begin the process.


In some cases your carpet may need to be replaced in only a small area due to damage or stains. Instead of replacing the entire room with new carpet it may be more cost effective to replace the damaged area. A common area that needs to be replaced can be in front of the fireplace. Sometimes embers or a hot log may pop out of the fireplace and burn the carpet. Another area that often needs a carpet patch is in a doorway. In this area the carpet may fray or just become worn due to high traffic. The same goes for the first few stairs on a carpet covered staircase. The carpet obviously cannot be cleaned, but the whole room doesn’t need new carpet. A professional can come in and cut out the damaged piece and replace it with matching carpet for a seamless look. In most cases you will either have to go buy matching carpet for the repair or the technician will have to borrow some carpet from an unused area like a closet.

Carpet Seams and Runs

The seams of your carpet are supposed to be unnoticeable for the life of the carpet. If it wasn’t installed correctly the seams may come up and pose a trip hazard. Call a professional so they can put your carpet back together and seal it down the way it is supposed to be. Berber carpet is prone to runs. These are much like a run in the fabric of a sweater and tend to get caught up in your vacuum cleaner, further damaging your carpet. All it takes is one thread to come loose and unless fixed it will just keep running until you have no more carpet in the area. Your carpet will start unraveling and will eventually come apart at the seams. This is a relatively easy fix and is essential to prolong the life of your carpet.

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