Soothing Painful Skin Problems After Skin Cancer Radiation

Skin cancer is a horrible ordeal to have to go through and once you have made it past the initial treatment with skin cancer radiation, you still have more to deal with. The aftermath can be both painful and frustrating. Skin care treatment is going to be of most importance to you. Here are a few ideas to soothe painful skin and help you feel more comfortable following radiation. Use these simple tips to help your skin to heal more quickly.

It is best to wear loose fitting clothing when you have received skin cancer radiation therapy because this will keep your skin from sticking to your clothes. You will want to keep your skin as dry as possible at all times unless of course you need to take a shower, this is an important aspect of your skin care treatment. It is not recommended to do a lot of exercise that will cause you to sweat a lot. Perhaps if you are use to exercise and you feel like you want to continue, you could try a mild form of Yoga. If you do need to get a shower it is best to use warm water and not to rub the affected skin directly. Just let the warm water flow over the area gently.

Another way to help in your skin care treatment is to avoid placing band-aids on your skin after radiation; these will stick to your skin and hurt when you pull them off. If your skin has developed blisters it’s best to keep band aids and anything else adhesive off of them. Do not scrub the blisters and just let warm water run over them when you are in the shower.

If you have to be outside for long periods of time after you have had skin cancer radiation treatments you will want to make sure and use a sun block lotion to prevent further damage being done to the skin.

One of the best ways to treat your post radiation skin is to apply lotion to the affect areas very gently. Be sure not to rub any part of the affected area and apply the lotion liberally enough to keep you from rubbing your skin directly. If you do decide to use a lotion to help calm your skin be sure to check that it does not contain alcohol as this with further dry your skin and cause the problems to become worse.

Also a very easy way to help your skin irritations to improve more quickly you can make sure to eat healthy foods and oils. Drinking lots of water is also a great way to keep your skin hydrated after radiation. Hopefully these ideas will be of some help and comfort to you in your time of healing.

After enduring skin cancer radiation treatment, you can soothe painful skin and promote faster healing by using gentle cleansers and topical ointments. Visit Website to find a product that will work for you.

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