Smoke detectors are an important part of your household’s emergency preparation

Smoke detectors provide you with a warning in case of a fire in your home. When you have the best smoke detector available, you have a much better chance of escaping safely with your loved ones. The right smoke detector makes a big difference in how much time you have to get out and call for emergency help from the fire department.

Safety guidelines from fire marshals and other experts recommend that you have a smoke detector on every level of your house. This includes the basement and every level of living space. It is also a good idea to put a smoke detector in your garage. If you use your attic or store things in there, install a smoke detector in that space. In addition to installing a smoke detector on each level of your home, you should also place one outside of each bedroom.

The best way to wire the smoke detectors is to hardwire them into your home’s electrical system. Doing this ensures that when one of the devices detects the presence of smoke, all of the devices will sound an alarm. Smoke detectors are an important part of your household’s emergency preparation and prevention system.

In addition to choosing the best smoke detectors, you should also test the detectors every six months. A good time to do this is at the start of a new season or when daylight savings time begins and ends. Have a practice fire drill in your home by activating the smoke alarms and seeing how fast you and your family members can safely get outside.

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