Small Projects for Contractors Offering Residential Electrical Service in Louisville KY

No job is too small for many contractors who provide residential Electrical Service in Louisville KY. A homeowner may put off calling to have a small project done, either worrying that it will cost too much or that no electrician will be interested. In truth, these tasks are very affordable, and electricians are generally glad to complete the work. They’d rather see homes have proper electrical functioning instead of homeowners creating workarounds or ignoring odd but seemingly minor problems.

A common example of a task that’s easy for an electrician but may not be so straightforward for the average individual is the installation of an electrical outlet. People often use extension cords or power strips to make up for the lack of outlets, but that strategy makes electricians wince. It puts more load on the wiring than was intended, especially if any of the equipment plugged in is of relatively high wattage. Electricians despair when they see a power strip or an extension cord filled with plugs from a TV set, DVD player, lamps and other assorted devices. The situation is even more bothersome when people develop workarounds like using three-prong adapters in two-prong outlets for three-prong plugs. The outlets should be updated for grounding purposes.

Adding light switches is another project for a contractor providing residential Electrical Service in Louisville KY. This is usually a matter of convenience so people can turn lights on and off at a distance from where the lamp is located. Ceiling fixtures should already have a wall switch unless they function by a hanging chain. If the home’s residents notice any problems with the switches, an electrician should be called to investigate. Often, people don’t bother when one switch quits working or only works occasionally, but this indicates a problem with the wiring that should be fixed.

Sometimes a home’s residents would love to make a change but put up with the existing situation longer than they need to. For instance, they might never run a bedroom ceiling fan and keep wishing it were a ceiling light fixture instead. Calling for assistance from a contractor like Bates Electric will increase satisfaction with the home. Visit Site for contact details.

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