Sliding Doors and Sliding Dividers are Perfect Fixtures for Any Home

by | Oct 25, 2012 | Home Improvement

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When you want creativity to trickle into the house, it is very apt to be involved in house designing. But, when you feel that you’re ideas don’t seem to cohere; you might need an architect, interior designer or decorator. Either way, you will find sliding doors to be an extremely useful and equally beautiful fixture of the house. Sliding doors in Orange County are elegant dividers for traditional and modern homes.

Their Place in the Home
Doorways are essential features of the home. Sliding doors can also be crafted for closets and cabinets. While, they serve to channel or block people from moving to and fro, they also serve as accessories in the design perspective to enhance the entire room. Typically, sliding doors should coordinate well with the colors, appliances and furniture inside a room. Doorways can be sleek and modern, or be the focal point with extravagant decorations. Sliding doors are also welcome additions to home exteriors. It’s very relaxing to picture out sliding the door open into the porch or the great outdoors.

Wooden Sliding Doors
Interior and exterior sliding doors are built from different media with a wide breadth of different styles. The most versatile of which are probably wooden sliding doors in Orange County. Heavy duty wooden slabs and plywood come with stunning natural patterns or grains of the wood. Combined with varnish or gloss, it can be perfect for any interior design. Wooden sliding doors can also be chiselled and sculpted with the ornate design of your choice. Combined with paper, wooden sliding doors are welcome for Oriental and Japanese-inspired homes. Wooden doors are easily painted to match the surroundings.

Glass and Mirror Sliding Doors
Besides wood, another widely used material is glass. Glass doors in Orange County give a sophisticated feel, especially stained and frosted glass. Nevertheless, transparent glass is perfect for minimalist and modern house themes. Glass can also be dual-purpose, in the form of mirrors in the bedroom and bath. For unique fusion designs, glass is often paired with other materials.

Metal and Plastic Sliding Doors
For the kitchen with lots of appliances, it pays to have metal sliding doors. Metal is a lot sturdy so it can be designed to be thin and less bulky. Because metal is also malleable, it can be fashioned to take on wonderful ornate designs. However, if you want to have the most affordable sliding doors, you can’t go wrong with plastic doors. Plastic is a wonderful medium because it can mimic the design of other doors. Newer plastics also last longer.

Besides the materials for sliding doors, another thing to consider is how doors are fitted. In small spaces or divisions, the best style type is going to be single sliding doors. For large doorways and dividers between big rooms, dual or accordion style sliding doors are best. There are many other variations to the versatile sliding doors. Just fire up your imagination and you can end up with great-looking renovations.



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