Simplify the Document Attestation Process

US Authentication Services is your advocate and experienced assistant providing document attestation for Qatar services. We oversee the entire process so you don’t have to, working quickly and efficiently to ensure you obtain the authentication needed for overseas travel to Qatar.

Our Simple Three-Step Process

To get started, request a free quote. Send us your documents, and let us handle the entire document authentication process for you. Our seasoned team does all the research required to expedite the chain authentication process, a time-consuming endeavor requiring certification from the Secretary of State and the U.S. State Department as well as legalization of documents from the embassy.

We are situated in Washington DC, with easy access to the U.S. State Department and the embassies. Our location prevents you from having to visit Washington DC to complete the chain authentication process. We anticipate every supportive document you require, keeping the overall process smooth and timely. Since you only have to mail us your documents, you’re free to devote energy and attention to the other details of your trip to Qatar.

Documents Required for Attestation

Each country has it own unique set of requirements for the legal processes pertaining to document attestation. We use our knowledge of document attestation for Qatar, saving you from the headache of having to assemble everything you need and submit it through the appropriate channels. We help with document attestation for Qatar for individuals and corporations.

Depending on the reason for your visit, you’re required to authenticate specific types of documents. Our team is proficient in the certification process of personal documents, such as powers of attorney, criminal background checks, birth/marriage certificates, transcripts and diplomas.

For corporations, we can assist in obtaining authentication for certificates of good standing, powers of attorney, contracts/agreements, articles of incorporation and board resolutions. Whether you’re a Citizen, Resident, international student, teaching candidate or traveling with family, we’re thrilled to help you get your documents authenticated before your transition to Qatar. Contact us today.

For more information on getting an Apostille from the Secretary of State, visit US Authentication Services on their website or call 703-971-7226.

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