Silver Buyers in Chicago and Your First Storage Auction

Did you just go to your first storage auction? Were you surprised by all of the items in the locker? Perhaps, now you are wondering how to actually make money from them. Well, there are several ways. However, the best way to get money fast money for anything silver including but not limited, jewelry, candlesticks and platters is to take them all to the best. It is there that the consultant can go over the piece and determine if there is any real value to them. You may be surprised to find out that the items are worth more than you had imagined. So, do not simply toss those items into a garage sale. It is wise to find out what will be offered by the consultant.

Sterling silver is worth a good amount of money. For this reason, do not overlook any sterling utensils. In fact, take those with you to the best Silver Buyers in Chicago city too. You may need to put all the pieces you have discovered into a box for easy carrying. Next, tell the consultant that you would like his best offer for all of your items. He will go through each item with you in front of him. He will explain why some items are worth less money and why. So, do not be afraid to ask questions. You may be surprised that some items are worth more money than you imagined and some items are not worth much at all. For example, silver plated items will not be worth much in many cases. However, sterling silver will be.

When it comes to getting the best service from Silver Buyers, you will find it at Clark Pawners & Jewelers. When you walk in with your box, tell the consultant that you have brought in your silver pieces. He will open the box and review all of the contents. After he makes you an offer, you can accept it. If you accept the offer, you will receive the cash fast. However, do not be afraid to ask for more money. He may say yes or no. So, you have nothing to lose by asking.

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