Signs to Replace Your Water Heater in Des Moines, WA

A water heater can operate efficiently for years before needing a replacement. If your water heater receives regular maintenance and repairs, then it can easily keep your water warm for years.

However, after years of constant usage, there will come a time when you need to replace your water heater in Des Moines, WA. When the heater is no longer functioning properly, it might be time to call the professionals and invest in a new one. You should look for certain signs that indicate when a replacement is needed.

Lower Hot Water Volume

When your water heater in Des Moines, WA starts aging, you might experience a lower hot water volume. This means that instead of very hot water, you might only get lukewarm water in the shower.

The best solution to this issue can be a replacement, which could last for a long time and ensure a hot water supply.

Higher Utility Bills

If you are suddenly noticing a sharp increase in heating bills, then your water heater probably needs a replacement. When a water heater stops working efficiently, it begins consuming more power than normal. As a result, it drives up your utility bills significantly. Instead of paying these high bills, you can opt for a replacement water heater in Des Moines WA.

Visible Corrosion

Always keep an eye on your water heater and the pipes for any rust or corrosion. If your water heater has become too old, you will notice corrosion across the pilot and pipes. Since this cannot be repaired, it is important to invest in a new water heater.

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