Signs it’s Time for Tree Service in Spokane

There’s no question that tree maintenance can be a complex issue. After all, the difference between a sick tree and a healthy one isn’t always as black and white as many people think. Just because there are still green leaves on the tree’s limb, it doesn’t mean it’s healthy or strong enough to survive through the next storm that rolls through. Also, limbs that are weakened or that have grown too close to a structure are just an accident waiting to happen.

The good news is, an emergency doesn’t have to occur for a person to know it is time to call for Tree Service in Spokane. Some of the signs it is time to call for this service can be found here.

The Tree is Growing too Close to the Home or Another Structure

When there’s a tree growing too close to a person’s home or another structure, it may drop a limb, or it may even fall onto the house. However, there’s another issue that may occur. The roots could cause damage to the home’s foundation. Take some time to walk the perimeter of the home every few months to see if there are signs of root damage, such as cracks in the structure’s exterior walls.

Root Pruning

Roots from trees can not only cause damage to a home, but they can also cause the cement of driveways and patios to buckle. It may also raise various sections of the sidewalk and create tripping hazards in the middle of the property. When professionals are called for Tree Service in Spokane, they can also provide root pruning. This will ensure the roots are removed while maintaining the integrity and health of the trees.

When it comes to the trees in a person’s yard, hiring the professionals is the best course of action. They know what to do to not only ensure trees remain healthy, but also to prevent any safety issues that may occur. Being informed is the best way to ensure that the trees in a yard remain healthy. More information about these tree services can be found by taking the time to Contact Spokane Pro Care.

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