Signs It’s Time for Professional Lawn Care in Alpharetta

Whether someone is a homeowner or a renter, they want a nice yard they can be proud of. How do you know if you need professional lawn care in Alpharetta? Here are a few signs it’s time to call in the pros.

Your Grass Is Turning Brown

Grass can die due to a lack of water, neglect or lack of nutrients. There are numerous options to help turn a lawn from brown to green. Professional lawn care in Alpharetta may mean installing a sprinkler system to make sure it gets enough water. You can save lots of time by hiring a professional.

Overgrown Features

When the lawn or its features are overgrown with weeds, homeowners may not be able to handle it themselves. Applying a commercial herbicide incorrectly can cause a lot of damage. A professional will know what to remove, how to use a herbicide and what just needs to be trimmed.

Lawn Pests

Most people talk weeds when thinking of damage to a yard, but insects can also wreak havoc if they aren’t controlled. Some insects can damage grass, trees and garden plants. However, they also need to be eradicated with different methods. Professional lawn care in Alpharetta will know how to rid the yard of each pest effectively.

Seasonal Damage

No matter how well maintained a lawn is, winter can still take its toll. Maybe fallen or broken branches are lying around the yard or there are signs of water damage. Hiring a pro can help restore your lawn to its former glory.

Is it time to call in the pros? Visit the Absolute Lawn Pros website to learn more about how you can find professional lawn care in Alpharetta.

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