Signs It’s Time for Garage Door Replacement

For most homeowners, they simply expect the garage door to open when they click the button. They rarely give thought to the door, how it operates or if it needs repairs. However, if something happens and the door is not functioning properly, it definitely grabs their attention pretty quickly. While some issues will be able to be fixed, others will require complete Garage Door Replacement. Knowing when replacement is necessary is essential to ensuring the door continues operating as expected. Some signs that replacing is imminent are highlighted here.

The Door No Longer Opens or Closes

If the door does not open or close, there is no question that it needs service. There are quite a few reasons that this can occur, such as a poor connection between the control panel and door, or because of a malfunction. In order to determine whether Garage Door Replacement is needed or if it can be repaired, a professional should be contacted.

Slow Response Time

It is essential to pay attention how long it takes the door to open and to close. In most cases, the door should start moving within a few seconds of the button being pushed. If there is a delay, then there may be a serious issue present. If the door is older, then it is the likely time for a complete replacement.

Sections of the Door Look Saggy

It is essential to check and to test the doors balance at least once a month. This will require the door being disconnected from the opener and then opened manually. If the door is opened midway and stays put, it is a good sign. However, if it continues to fall or rise, then there is a serious issue with the opener, opener backer or spring.

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