Signs It May Be Time to Consider a Hair Transplant in Connecticut

Are you losing your hair? If so, you have probably heard about hair transplant surgery. You may have even started researching hair transplant clinics in Connecticut. But how do you know if it’s time for surgery? When should you start researching hair transplant Connecticut clinics?


Technically, there are no age requirements for a hair transplant in Connecticut. Doctors work in patients in their early 20’s when the hair loss is just starting all the way up to patients in their 70’s and 80’s who have fully thinned. There really is no “right or wrong” time to do a transplant. What you must keep in mind, however, is that hair loss is progressive. So if you do have a transplant at a younger age, you may want to do another one up the road. Typically this is a very good solution, however, and ethical doctors will create a long-term plan with you to ensure your hair looks good for decades to come.

Do I to be Completely Bald?

Some patients wonder if they must lose all their hair before having a transplant. The answer to this question is: no. You can have a hair transplant in Connecticut while you still have hair. As long as the hair is thin enough, a doctor can safely work through it to thicken – using transplants – without damaging the existing hair. You can also work in bald or thinning regions with hair still existing in other scalp regions. The native hair will blend with the transplants and look uniform.

Mentally Prepared?

While hair transplants are minimally invasive and typically work very well, it is still a surgery and there is a recovery and regrowth process. This can be difficult for patients. You will have to trim some of the hair shorter, you may have a little bit of redness for a brief period, and it does take 3 months for the transplants to even start growing – with appreciable results coming at month 6. This can be psychologically tough. Patients need to make sure they are ready to make the journey before jumping into a procedure.

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