Signs it is Time for Brake Inspections near Forest Lake MN

The brakes of a vehicle are one of the most important safety features present. Just like any other part or component of a vehicle, they need to be inspected and serviced regularly to ensure the brakes can continue doing their job. Unfortunately, this is one maintenance task many people ignore. Some of the tell-tale signs a driver should not put off Brake Inspections near Forest Lake MN any longer can be found here.

The Brake Light in the Dash is On

If a driver notices the yellow or red brake indicator light on their dashboard, this is the sign that an inspection is needed. However, in some cases, it could also be an indication that there is a problem with the brakes. In some cases, an engaged parking brake can result in the light coming on, so be sure this isn’t the issue before taking the vehicle in for repairs.

Grinding, Squeaking or Squealing Noises

A metallic squealing sound while the vehicle is in motion is likely a sign that the brake pads need to be changed. This is because this element of the vehicle’s brakes is made of steel, so they will make this sound when in direct contact with the rotor.

In some cases, a driver may also feel a grinding when they push the brakes. There could be a rock or some gravel caught in the caliper unit, and this problem is easy to remedy. However, if it has been too long since the vehicle’s last brake inspections near Forest Lake MN or repairs, then it may indicate the brake pads are completely worn through.

Additionally, grinding may also mean there isn’t enough lubrication close to the rear drum brakes. The brake shoe may also be scraping on the metal contact points, such as the backing plate, because of rust.

Find out more about brake inspections and when they are needed can be found by visiting website. Being informed is the best way to know when it is time to have brakes repaired or inspected. Don’t delay, as the issue is only going to get worse as time passes.

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