Signs a New Lawyer in New Ulm, MN Is Needed

A judge in Minnesota does not have the authority to reduce or drop charges, although this official can dismiss a case for various reasons. A DWI attorney in Mankato, MN must negotiate with the district attorney for a favorable outcome for the client. In certain circumstances, it may be possible to convince the prosecuting attorney to reduce the charge to reckless driving.

BAC Implications

The chances for reduced charges are best when the person has never had a conviction of driving while intoxicated before and when the blood alcohol content was close to the legal limit. The legal limit for BAC while operating a motor vehicle in Minnesota is .08. The district attorney may be willing to consider reducing charges through negotiations with an organization such as Blatz Law Offices if the defendant’s BAC was .09 or even .10. Visit for contact details.

When Reduction of Charges Will Be Difficult

A prosecuting attorney is much less inclined to make this concession for a repeat offender or for an exceptionally high BAC. It also will be difficult if the person has been in legal trouble before in other types of circumstances.

Additional offenses connected with the DWI also pose a challenge for the defendant and lawyer. The person may have caused some property damage with the vehicle, for instance. This driver might have backed into another car in a street parallel parking situation, for instance. If the person was cited for disorderly conduct for any reason, a DWI is unlikely to be dismissed. If this individual became verbally combative with the police officer, this does not bode well for the case.

Going to Court

If the prosecution will not budge, a DWI attorney in Mankato, MN will search for reasons why a judge might dismiss the case. There also will be an effort to convince a jury or judge that the defendant is not guilty of driving under the influence if this person still wants to fight the charges. People need to do everything in their power to prevent having a DUI on their record, as they may lose their job and their quality of life will be affected.

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