Should You Have a Regular Doctor and an OBGYN?

One of the most commonly asked questions that women have is if they need to have an OBGYN as well as a regular doctor. This can definitely be a confusing topic for women. Most women know how important it is to see their OBGYN in Carrolton for their annual appointment but is that enough? No, it is not enough. The truth is most women do not realize that even though they are going to an annual physical at their OBGYN’s office, that physical will not cover everything that a family doctor would check, for example. Here are some more reasons why you should have both a regular doctor and an OBGYN in Carrolton.

Different Doctors, Different Specialties
You may have heard that practice makes perfect and it is very true when it comes to seeing an OBGYN for the flu or a family doctor for your annual gynecological exam. Though both doctors, for example, may know how to perform a pelvic exam, if there is an abnormality, the family doctor will be out of their league. The same goes for an OBGYN who is dealing with flu symptoms. You probably wouldn’t want your mechanic working on your electrical problems and with doctors, it is the same.

The Yearly Exams are Different
The annual exam that you receive at your OBGYN’s office will be totally different than the exam you will get at your family doctor’s office. Though the exams will likely overlap in some ways, in most ways they will be focused on different areas of the body. For example, your family doctor may perform a breast exam in the office as will your OBGYN. However, you shouldn’t expect your OBGYN to take blood work, unless needed. A family doctor, however, will be much more likely to do that in a physical as they will want to know where things like your cholesterol, for example, stand.

You Need Both a Family Doctor and an OBGYN
What it all comes down to, is that you will need both a family doctor and an OBGYN to ensure that you are in the best possible health. The best case scenario is find two doctors who have a professional relationship so both of them are up to date on your health at all times. It can be even better for you if you can find a family doctor and an OBGYN in the same office. This will give you a great advantage when it comes to taking control of your health care.

There are many wonderful doctors in the Carrolton area, but one doctor cannot do it all. If you currently only have an OBGYN or only have a family doctor, ask them for a recommendation on their counterpart and make an appointment as soon as you can.

When looking for a family doctor and OBGYN in Carrolton, contact Women’s Care of West Georgia LLC. They can be reached by phone at (770) 771-5235 or on their website