Should You Consider An MBBS In China?

As a student in India with a goal to become a medical doctor, completing an MBBS in China is often easier than attempting to earn a seat at an MBBS program in India.

There are some respected and highly esteemed medical universities and colleges in China, which makes it an appealing choice for many students. However, there are also some important issues to consider that can impact the potential benefits of this academic choice.

Consider Green Book Rotations vs. Observer ships

Medical colleges and universities offering an MBBS in China do not provide students with the opportunity to complete Green Book clinical rotations in USA. Green Book clinical rotations must be completed in an ACGME approved teaching hospitals in USA. They are designed to allow the students to practice hands-on with patients under the supervision of experienced doctors.

Please note that US-CE i.e. US Clinical Experience gained during Clinical Rotations in ACGME Approved Teaching Hospitals in USA is the most important and decisive factor in getting PG (Residency) in USA and not marks obtained in USMLE Step 1 exam. Infact, from 2022, USMLE Step 1 exam will be a pass or fail exam and students will not get any score or marks.

Good to know:-

Clinical Rotations can be done only as part of a medical curriculum and never after completing MBBS.

An observer ship allows students to watch doctors work with patients. However, the students do not provide any direct care to the patients. They do not even interact with the patients, which limits the value of the experience. Students completing an observer ship rather than the Green Book clinical rotations will find it extremely difficult to get a residency or PG in the USA.

Language Concerns

The difference in languages spoken in India and language in China is significant. This can make it difficult for students to interact in the community. While the instruction for many courses at an MBBS in China may be in English, working directly with patients still requires an understanding of the language of the country.

Indian students considering an MBBS in China should carefully consider their options. To learn about an MBBS in the Caribbean with clinical rotations in the USA, talk to Zordha Education experts at

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