Should You Consider A Ford Expedition As Your Next SUV?

The new Ford Expedition in Bedford Park has not undergone a major redesign although it does have a few great new features that can make it a very attractive proposition. It should not come as any great surprise that the changes are subtle; after all, the current design has been a major part of Ford’s vehicle lineup since 2011. For 2016 the major changes are in the infotainment system and a revamp of the engine, however, the changes don’t have any negative impact on the towing capacity, the vehicle is just more fuel efficient than in the past.

Let’s have a look at what makes a Ford Expedition in Bedford Park such a great choice in vehicles:

   * The ride: The Ford Expedition is a big, heavy SUV and as a result it guarantees a smooth ride regardless of the conditions.

   * Three rows of seats: With its three rows of seats the Expedition comfortably seats eight adults without scrimping on headroom or legroom. Even when every seat is occupied the seating space is more than adequate to ensure a comfortable ride.

   * Infotainment system: This is where there is a real improvement over previous year’s offerings. The infotainment system now has full smartphone integration and has optional voice control which adds considerably to the functionality, there is also an optional eight inch touchscreen available.

   * Cargo space: There is more than enough cargo space even in the basic configuration but when the third seat is folded down it is truly gigantic. If this isn’t enough the EL model adds even more space for cargo.

   * Engine: A major change I the 2016 Ford Expedition I Bedford Park is I the engine. The big V8 is gone; it has been replaced with V6 that delivers the same power but with far more efficiency which of course translates to better gas mileage. The Expedition can tow close to ten tons and still get 22 mpg on the open road.

No vehicle is perfect but what can be said is that the Ford Expedition has far more positives than it does negatives; it is a full size SUV that gives the buyer everything he or she could be looking for.