Should You Always Use Pharmaceutical-Grade Nicotine Bases?

Not all nicotine bases are made to the same standards, and those who use nicotine in their products need to ensure the quality level they use is sufficient. Because nicotine is often used in products people consume, using the wrong nicotine can lead to significant health issues, and lower-grade nicotine bases can cause detrimental chemical effects. Here are a few reasons why it’s almost always worth using pharmaceutical-grade nicotine bases.

Free from Contaminants

The process of extracting nicotine involves using tobacco leaves. As a result, it’s easy for contaminants to enter the product. By using nicotine EP and USP regulations support, users can ensure contaminants are far below dangerous levels. This is important for nicotine not used in products meant for consumption as well. Contamination can cause unforeseen chemical problems, which can damage the final product.

Proper Concentrations

Using nicotine EP and USP regulations support ensures you receive the correct concentration; nicotine that doesn’t meet these standards can vary widely in concentration. Nicotine concentrations that are too high can cause health risks, and too low concentrations can lead to unsatisfied customers. Chemically, using an inaccurate concentration can cause a range of issues.

Reliable Manufacturing

Creating products with nicotine is difficult, and using nicotine EP and USP regulations don’t support means it may be more difficult to recreate your products when using new nicotine base batches. Working with any chemical is easier when it’s precisely manufactured and reliable, and nicotine is no exception.

While nicotine is more widely used than many people imagine, it’s typically manufactured by smaller companies. One of the best ways to ensure a producer is reliable is to verify that they meet EP, USP, or other strong regulations. In almost all cases, the extra cost is well worth spending.

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