Several Reasons to Buy an Organic Queen Mattress

When newlywed couples begin to settle down in their first home, if budget allows, one of the best purchases they can make is a new queen mattressfor the master bedroom. Old beds and mattresses from single life can be thrown out or used in guest rooms, or placed in storage depending on the remaining quality of the product.

Organic Queen Mattress

Organic Queen Mattress

If you and your flame are looking for a new queen mattress to last at least a decade or more, an organic mattress is a surprisingly viable option. Some of the reasons for paying extra for an organic queen mattress are as follows:

  1. Organic mattresses are…well, they’re organic, and others are not. Unfortunately, those that aren’t organic are made with petrochemicals and other possibly toxic chemicals that are generally not good at all for the health of the body. An organic mattress made 100% from organic, natural materials does not present this very real problem.

  2. An organic queen mattress for your newlywed bedroom is an excellent choice over other types of mattresses that are made in part using a much abused natural resource: oil. Oil is not a renewable form of energy, can catch on fire quite easily, and contains toxins that professionals protect themselves from by wearing lots of gear.

  3. An organic mattress has a far more open system for air circulation, which means that unlike Tempur-Pedic mattresses, your queen mattress will not trap your body heat and make you uncomfortably warm when you are trying to sleep.

  4. Organic mattresses are made from natural products such as organic cotton grown without the use of pesticides and other dangerous chemicals, as well as wool from sheep that are raised on more humane, organic farms.

  5. An organic wool mattress is hypoallergenic, which means that if you have allergies, it will resist fungi growth, mildew, and small critters, such as dust mites. Wool is also naturally resistant to fire, and therefore, these mattresses do not legally have to be chemically treated in order to be fire resistant.

  6. Most non-organic mattresses cannot break down chemically very quickly, but are made of oil-based materials, plastic, alloys, and textiles that make them both a misuse of natural resources, as well as difficult for the earth to get rid of, making them wasteful. Wool and other organic materials, such as mattresses derived from soy, are biodegradable, which means they can easily be recycled once a queen mattress passes its expected longevity.

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