Settling A Personal Injury Case

In the case of an accident where someone is injured there is usually a negligent party and the injured party. In most cases the injured party bears no part of the blame and is innocent, in other cases the injured party may be partially to blame. A serious personal injury will always involve one or more insurance companies and their lawyers; this is why you also need a Chicago personal injury attorney to defend your rights.

Insurance companies are notorious for attempting to limit the awards they grant, to do this they demand documentation and lots of it. The insurance company wants witness statements, a copy of the police report, photos that were taken at the scene, all medical records and copies of bills that have already been paid by the injured party. You injury attorney is fully aware of how insurance companies act and he knows how to deal with their adjusters.

It is not enough for you to simply tell the insurance company that you were hurt and as a result you cannot work, but you neglected to consult with a doctor. If you cannot support a claim with iron clad documentation you can forget about the insurance company offering any kind of meaningful compensation. If the case goes to court a good Chicago personal injury attorney may be able to explain to the judge why you did not see a doctor but he or she will never get an insurance company to admit to accepting any mitigating circumstances.

If you are injured you absolutely must seek medical attention. The doctor will treat you and relieve your pain but of equal importance, you will have supporting documentation for the injury you received. Any personal injury attorney will tell you that this is the type of date that an insurance company responds to. If you have follow up treatment scheduled make sure you make the appointment, if you fail the insurance company will see this as an admission on your part that your injuries and associated pain are not what you claim them to be. A Chicago personal injury attorney has a good fix on what the insurance company will pay for pain and suffering, it is the attorney’s job to fight for more.

Many insurance companies have an established formula that they use when determining what they will offer in the way of a settlement. Some of these formulas are quite simple while others are very complex. The one thing they hold in common is that the resulting offer of compensation is rarely correct; this is where your attorney comes into play. Your attorney will demand a certain monetary amount for every month you are under the doctor’s care plus compensation for rehab, prescription drugs; hospital expenses, lost wages and undue pain and suffering.

A Chicago personal injury attorney is a necessity if you wish to get compensation which is in accordance with the extent of your injury and losses. You are invited to contact the Shea Law Group for further information.