Services Offered Through Warehousing And Logistics Companies In Charlotte, NC

It can sometimes be confusing for an entrepreneur or a startup business to know exactly what they need in the way of outside services. For most small companies in Charlotte, NC, working with a provider for warehousing and logistics will be a consideration at some point in time.

Many small companies start out managing their own inventory, supplies and supply chain. They are small enough to be able to provide in-house storage, inventory management, raw material procurement and finished product shipping all from their own location.

These small companies, particularly if they are expanding, will soon find they need to turn to outside logistics and warehousing services. For very large companies this is often managed through 3PL companies (Third Party Logistics), but for a smaller business, a moving company providing these services may be the perfect option.

Consider Your Needs

Your supply chain, or the flow of materials in and out of your business, will determine what services you require of the warehouse. This can be very different between companies with manufacturing businesses having a supply chain in and out, while a retail company may only need a supply chain to bring inventory in.

The logistics part of the supply chain is the management of those inventory items and maximizing potential while reducing costs. Having a storage facility offering inventory management services from barcode reading to asset tracking will help your automated ordering and inventory management systems while also increasing efficiency.

Look for companies which also offer storage and delivery. This can be very important for a Charlotte, NC business with a local customer base or a business which may require long distance Just-In-Time deliveries to customers. The more services the warehousing company offers, the more options your small business will have to boost efficiency and supply chain potential.

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