Septic Tank Maintenance In Tampa, Fl

Most people flush the toilet and expect the water and waste to go down the drain never to be seen or thought of again. This is what usually happens, but if you have a septic tank, it’s not always the case. At times, the tank can back up or clog. If this happens, you can have very messy problem, very quickly and will need a company that does septic tank maintenance in Tampa fl to help clear the clog or pump the tank, depending on your situation.

One of the most important tips to keep your septic tank working well is to never put strong disinfecting chemicals down the toilet, sink, shower, dishwasher or washing machine. Many people clean their toilets and showers with bleach and then flush or wash it away. It doesn’t seem to cause any harm, but it will kill the good bacteria in your septic tank. The good bacteria in your tank is what causes the solid waste to break down and disintegrate. Continued usage of strong chemicals will cause your septic tank to fill quickly with solid waste and have to be pumped frequently.

Another important tip for septic tank maintenance Tampa fl is to only flush toilet paper down the toilet. Nothing else should be flushed. Some hygiene wipes say they can be flushed, but with flushing them you run the risk of them clogging the tank. Even worse than wipes are feminine hygiene products. Ask any plumber and he’ll be able to tell you the number of times these particular products have caused a septic tank clog. It’s a good rule to never flush these products but to bag them up and dispose of them in a waste receptacle instead.

Always be cautious what plants are growing near the septic system and drain field. It’s best to have none near it, but if plants are already close by, make certain that they are shallow rooted plants. If not, the roots will damage the drain field and cause the homeowner to need septic tank maintenance Tampa fl. The roots can grow into the drain field and destroy it.

Take care of your septic system and drain field. A well maintained system should last many years without a problem. Follow these tips to help your septic work well and if there is a problem, don’t hesitate to call a company for help before the problem escalates.

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