Select a Hand Dryer that is LEED Compliant to Install in Your Bathroom

In the past, companies selected not to install hand dryers in their restrooms because they were too loud and used a large amount of energy to operate. With today’s technological advances, a restroom hand dryer works a lot faster and do not emit as much noise as before. They are designed to help save cost by eliminating the need for paper towels and using very little energy to use. If you are looking for a way to make your company more environmentally-friendly to meet the LEED requirements, you should purchase your hand-dryer from a company that meets their requests.

How a Dryer can Help Meet LEED Requirements

Leadership in energy and environmental design is a certification that means a company has met the requirements of being an environmentally-friendly business. A hand dryer that is designed to use less energy and reduce the amount of CO2 emissions can help a company be approved for the certification. They are designed to optimize how much energy is used to dry hands and eliminate the amount of waste that makes its way into landfills.

Reduce Your Waste and Save Money with a Quality Hand Dryer

American Dryer has made it their top priority to provide their clients with quality hand dryers that are friendly for the environment. They offer a variety of dryers to meet the specific needs of their customers. From restaurants to a corporate building, they will work with you to find the right hand dryer for your company. You can provide your customers with cleaner restrooms by eliminating the need for messy paper towels. While giving them a fast and hygienic way to dry their hands after washing their hands. Their machines require very little maintenance that will help save your company time and money on maintaining the devices.