Secure Document Destruction Shredding in Anaheim

There are several companies that provide Document Destruction Shredding in Anaheim. Selecting the most secure one can make the difference between a business that thinks it is protected from liability concerns, and one that is protected from liability concerns. Taking material from a tote or regular bin out to a truck that will bring it to a facility for shredding is not very secure. Even if one person at the business is responsible for handling the bin, and the same driver delivers the material to a facility, the business is open to theft, loss, liability lawsuits, and potential bankruptcy. Personnel can go through the tote or bin before the material leaves the building. Accident, for example, can result in confidential information leaving the truck and landing on the street. There are many scenarios that can compromise that information and make the business culpable.

A comprehensive system for Document Destruction Shredding in Anaheim is the most secure way to ensure proper document handling of confidential information. The first step is going to for a free consultation and estimate for services. The company provides locked bins of varying sizes to hold material between service dates. Each bin has a bar-code that identifies the bin and indicates how much material was emptied from it at any given time. Once collected, the material is taken to the mobile destruction unit. a mechanical arm lifts the cart to the unit and empties it into the shredder. Cameras inside the unit allow the technician and a representative from the business to see the documents being shredded. A certificate is printed that provides proof of destruction, with the time, date, and amount of material destroyed. That certificate is signed by both witnesses for compliance regulations.

The technology used is cross-cutting to make it impossible for any pieces of the material to be read. The pieces are too small, and the different pieces are no longer in close proximity. Services are customized to suit the size, needs, and budgets of each business. That makes shredding cost-effective for even the smallest business. Pick-up frequency can range from daily to once every eight weeks. The material is locked in the secure bin between pick-up dates, so liability is reduced significantly. The costs of services are minimal, especially compared to the cost of a fine or lawsuit. Protect the business, the staff, and the customers who trust the business with personal information.

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