Searching for Charlottesville Student Housing? Look for These 3 Things

Deciding to move off-campus? This big decision should not be taken lightly. In addition to getting an apartment to yourself, moving off-campus gives you more privacy and responsibility. Make sure to consider the following things when searching for student housing:

A Great Roommate

If you’re looking to move off-campus, don’t be afraid to start your Charlottesville student housing search with a great roommate. A great roommate is someone that’s easy to live with and that will help you split the cost of living equally.

While your first instinct may be to room with a friend, remember that living together is another type of relationship. Be sure you and your potential roommates have compatible lifestyles and personalities so you know that getting an apartment together is the right decision.

An Affordable Apartment

Affordable apartments aren’t always hard to come by for college students. As you search for student housing, always err on the side of affordability. With expenses like the cost of school supplies, classes, and student loan debt, it’s best to cut expenses wherever you can.

A Short Commute

As you search for the right Charlottesville student housing, keep your commute in mind. Making it to class and work on time is an important factor when shopping around for an apartment.

Search for an apartment complex that is close enough to school and work that you’re able to travel comfortably on a daily basis without having to battle traffic.

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