Say Cheese, Baby!

Congratulations, you’re having a baby! This is an exciting and terrifying time in any soon-to-be parent’s life. Doctor’s appointments, hospital visits, baby showers, there is so much to do and only 9 months to do it.

Baby’s first photo
Of all the appointments you have to look forward to, few are as exciting as the 3D Ultrasound. This, after all, will be the first time you get to see your growing bundle of joy. What steps should you take to prepare for your 3D Ultrasound pictures in Charleston, SC?

1. Book an appointment at the right time during your pregnancy. The time you choose to schedule for your 3D Ultrasound will depend on a number of things.

a. Gender Determination: If you wish to find out the sex of your child, it is recommended to book between 17 and 21 weeks. Any sooner, and the risk of inaccurate results is increased.

b. 3D Photos: If you are hoping to get a good visual of what your child might look like, the best time to book is between 24 and 30 weeks. If you were hoping to see more refined facial features, wait until closer to 28 weeks.

2. Stay hydrated! For the two weeks leading up to your appointment it is crucial that you stay hydrated. For most this means drinking no fewer than eight 8oz glasses of water each day. This will make it easier for the Ultrasound to view through the amniotic fluid and will also ensure that there is enough fluid for your baby to stay healthy.

3. You don’t need to have a full bladder. 3D ultrasounds don’t require a full bladder in order to get a good view of the baby, unlike traditional medical ultrasounds. The key is to be comfortable and relaxed.  This is an exciting event, and there is no need to panic if you don’t drink a lot of water.

4. Don’t go during nap time: If you hope to get good pictures it is best to schedule your appointment for a time when your baby is likely to be awake. Experts predict that sleeping patterns are developed by 19 weeks, you may be able to determine when your baby is awake based on normal movement. (Tip: If your baby is asleep during the ultrasound, try drinking Orange Juice or eating chocolate. Both have been known to help stimulate the baby to move around.)

Bond with Baby provides parents-to-be with 3D Ultrasound pictures in Charleston SC. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, visit their website.

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