Safety while Handling Forestry and Tree Trucks

All different kinds of machinery have been designed to make work easier and allow us work efficiently and more effectively. But in order to do this, we need to take care of the machines we are using or else, they may become ineffective and fail to operate as we had wanted. Furthermore, an operator working with a defective machine exposes themselves to great danger of getting an accident with the machine. The same applies with forestry and tree trucks in Virginia. We need to take all the necessary precautions to ensure that those handling the trucks and those around it are safe at all times. Below are some tips to keep us safe while we work with the forestry and tree trucks.
Daily inspection

It is imperative that you perform daily inspection for every forestry and tree trucks that you use in Virginia. Before you leave with the truck, check if there is any physical damage present. Check on the levels of water in the radiator and the levels of the engine oils as well. Also check the tires to be certain that there are no punctures and when you start the engine, be keen to listen if there are any strange sounds.

While you are through with work, also take time to inspect the truck. Forestry and tree truck in Virginia sometimes work in very harsh terrains and can sometimes have damages during the operations. Also check to ensure that all the signal lights are in order, the rims are ok and there are no flat tires. Maintaining a daily routine of truck inspection will help in ensuring that you are safe each and every time you operate the truck.

Observer regular servicing of the trucks

The trucks normally have scheduled maintenance which ought to be done after a given mileage or a given amount of work has been completed. This is very essential to ensure that the truck operates on top form and avoid break downs that may be as a result of lack of servicing. The crucial parts that require scheduled servicing includes the oil filters, brake pads, batteries, tires as well as replacement of the engine oil. Regular servicing of the truck helps to prolong its life time besides making it safe to operate.

Follow the recommended operating procedure

Most forestry and tree trucks in Virginia vary a lot in terms of design and operation mechanism. There features are also different depending on the make and model. It is important that you follow the operating procedures of any truck you operate. Ignoring this can result into fatal accidents or to the damage of the truck. Be sure never to ignore standard procedures like loading the truck with the recommended amount of loads, using the truck in the right places and using the truck only for the purposes for which it was designed. Make it a habit of being conversant with the operator’s manual so that you understand in detail all the operating procedures of the truck.

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