Roofers in Wilmette, IL Protect Homeowners’ Property Investments

Roofing problems are a primary cause of interior wall and ceiling damage. Even a minor roof leak can quickly soak insulation and wallboard, resulting in substantial repair costs. Roofing industry experts recommend having even seemingly minor damage repaired quickly. Local companies like Showalter Roofing take that advice to the next level, suggesting roof inspections annually, or after any significant weather event, to minimize any potential damage.

Much of the roof damage commonly seen in the Wilmette area is not readily visible from the ground. A roofing professional can quickly spot damage or potential issues around roof openings or in valley areas and recommend maintenance or repairs to keep the roof leak-free. Inspections by roofers in Wilmette, IL is especially critical after hail or wind storms, as immediate repairs may be needed to ensure interior spaces remain dry.

No matter how well a roof is maintained, it will need to be replaced at some point. Roofers from Wilmette, IL who regularly maintains a roof will always let property owners know when it is time to replace, rather than repair, a roof. At that point, decisions have to be made. Newer roofing options are available that may allow homeowners to completely alter the look and feel of the home. Roofing professionals will review the various roofing options with homeowners, providing the pros and cons of each option.

Many homeowners will be tempted to stay with tried-and-true three-tab shingles, as that option is frequently less expensive than some other choices. However, entry-level shingles can be damaged more easily than better quality products, and generally do not last as long as higher quality materials. Modern architectural shingle varieties, while costing more, generally come in more desirable colors, have significantly more texture, and last much longer than traditional entry-level shingles. The decision should not be made lightly, as roofs are a long-term investment.

Other options, including different types of steel, wood shakes, and even tile are all used in the area. Professional roofers in Wilmette, IL like Showalter Roofing know the neighborhoods, weather conditions, and relative qualities of each roofing type, and work with homeowners to analyze their specific roofing needs and budgets before suggesting a specific roofing product or service. For more information, contact them or visit their website.

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