Roller Shades in Milford MI are Charming and Whimsical

Buses have used roller shades for decades. The idea is quite simple. The shade rolls down to the preferred height, and it can be easily adjusted with a hanging string usually on the right side of the window. Its simplicity is part of its charm, and most rollers lack the extravagant features of draperies and other shade styles. How can some excitement be added to Roller Shades in Milford MI without taking away that simple charm? Below are just a few ideas.

Text on Rollers

The young one would likely love shades that say snarky comments. They want to add a bit of a personality to the room, and roller shades can offer that. Some shades can be black with white text pressed over them. The black shades are best for blocking out the light. The text should be close to the opposite color of the shade to allow for the text to pop. Popular colors include blue on white, black text on yellow and the classic white text on black. Certain themes, such as Michigan, can be exemplified by shades with text on them. Customers can also receive custom shades in Milford MI with a special order.

Sheer and Clear Shades

Natural light is one of the best additions to any room. If one wants to keep the natural light maximized, they can opt for clear shades. The shades may be able to block out some light, but it is hardly enough to make a huge difference. The light still moves through the shades and is broken up just a bit by the thick fabric. It can create a whimsical natural light in the room that would have been a little too much without the shades present. Popular semi-transparent shades come in tan, yellow, or light brown.

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