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Pumps are used to handle variety of fluids in different applications across chemicals and petrochemical industries. Understanding of which pump we require for handling a particular fluid in application is critically important. Most of the centrifugal pump (except magnetic drive) has shaft which passes through the pump casing. Seals are used in order to cover shaft, this arrangement has potential for leakage. Potential for leakage is entirely depends on seal quality and seal pots. The potential for leakage of fluid from pump is least when suction pressure is less than seal-fluid pressure. Potential for leakage is one the important parameter considered while making selection of pump.

Magnetic drive pumps are being used in applications where smallest quantity of fluid leakage can cause harm to environment. Mag drive pumps do not require shaft, which provided advantages like reduced initial cost as well as operational cost associated with periodic seal change. The motor drive and pump drive are connected via a magnetic connection which works through the isolation shroud. This arrangement eliminate the possibility of direct or indirect path through which any fluids can leak causing harm the working environment. Mag drive pumps are fitted best in application requires handling of combustible or corrosive fluids, where leakage may cause harm to environment. Tanker unloading, batch chemical processing, column reflux and reactor feeding among other are typical applications of mag drive pumps.

Richter, a subsidiary of IDEX Corporation offers plastic lined mag drive centrifugal pumps. Richer is known for high reliability and safe operation for handling hazardous and corrosive fluids in a variety of applications. Richter mag drive pumps offers cost advantages such as reduced running cost, no maintenance cost (associate with replacement of seal) and no downtime or lost production.

The Richter pump portfolio includes pump heads up to 150 m, flow rate up to 600 m3/hr, discharge pressure up to 16 bar and operating temperatures from -60 to +200 ┬║C. The pump housing is made of thick walled ductile cast iron and seamlessly lined with the PFA (lining thickness: 3.5 to 6 mm).

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