Reviewing Probabilities With Auto Accident Lawyers in Southern Maryland

In Maryland, there are several possible causes of auto accidents. For instance, if the at-fault driver is drunk, it is more likely that they will be arrested, and the victim’s injuries could be more severe. It is these causes that dictate what laws apply and if there is a criminal case connected to the civil lawsuit. Auto accident lawyers in Southern Maryland help victims or their families seek damages through the courts.

When the Driver was Drunk

DUI is a serious crime and will involve a criminal case to determine if the driver is guilty of the crime. When a DUI is the cause of an auto accident, the victim or their family could seek damages in a civil case. The outcome of the criminal case could improve the chances of a monetary award in the civil case, but it doesn’t stop the victim from obtaining damages in a civil court if the driver isn’t convicted.

When Fatalities Occur

Fatalities in an auto accident could lead to further criminal cases if the driver was impaired or had a motive for causing the victim’s death. The accident is investigated and the court determines if there is sufficient reason to charge the driver with vehicular manslaughter or homicide. If convicted, the defendant pays restitution to the victim’s family for actual damages, and the family could seek further damages through a wrongful death case.

Uninsured Drivers Involved in An Accident

At-fault drivers who don’t have insurance face penalties through the courts. However, a lack of insurance prevents the victims from recovering damages through an insurance claim. Under the circumstances, it is necessary to file a legal claim to collect compensation.

Hit and Run Accidents

Hit-and-run accidents are harder to prove. The most effective evidence is an eyewitness who saw and obtained the tag number off the vehicle. Footage from traffic cameras can also help locate the automobile and potentially identify the driver.

In Maryland, auto accidents require an officer to review and document the scene. The accident report determines who was at fault for the accident and who was involved in the accident. The officers also determine if any parties were intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Victims who want to learn more about their rights can contact auto accident lawyers in Southern Maryland or visit for more information now.

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