Replacing Your Dental Implant

While most surgeries for dental implants in New York City will be successful and leave you with a beautiful new smile, there are occasions where the dental implants will fail. There are many reasons why an implant may fail, including too much force or too little force, poor bone quality, or an implant that is contaminated; there are also circumstances where the bone and the implant did not correctly fuse together. If you feel that your dental implants in New York City are not functioning the way that they are supposed to, it is important to follow several steps in order to ensure that the problem is taken care of right away, including discussing the problem with your dentist. You should also bring up any concerns, which you have, scheduling another surgery to fix the problem with the dental implant, and following any instructions given after the second surgery to help ensure that the implant will function properly.

Discuss Problems With Dentist

The first thing that you should do if you feel that something is wrong with your dental implants in New York City is to schedule an appointment immediately with your dentist. They will be able to check out the problem, see if anything is wrong with the implants, and determine a course of action to fix the dental implants for you. At this appointment, your dentist will be able to remove the malfunctioning implant and clean up the bone for you. Make sure to set up an appointment to redo the procedure though this may not be started for several months.

Schedule Another Surgery

Make sure to reschedule the surgery for your dental implants New York City. This process may take a little longer than the first implant, up to nine months, so it is important to look at your schedule and alert those that are necessary in order to get the time off required for this second surgery. Because it will take a little longer to accomplish this surgery, it is important to be patient and follow all of the advice that they dentist gives to you.

Follow Instructions

It is critical to follow all instructions that are given to you by the dentist, especially since this will be your second surgery for dental implants. Since you have already had the surgery once and you are going through the process all over again you must follow the instructions exactly to help ensure that the dental implants remain functioning and that they do not fail on you and require even more surgery. Remember that after the surgery you will need to expect a little bleeding, bruising, and swelling from your gums and that you are only allowed to enjoy soft foods the week after the surgery.

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