Replacing Automotive Incandescent with LED 1835 Bulb

by | Aug 12, 2016 | LED

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A lot of the new cars being sold these days, especially those with the bigger price tags, use the 1835 bulb and other LED bulbs over the conventional incandescent bulbs. However, some cars on the road today are just old and inexpensive enough that all the brake lights, tail lights, running lights and turn signal lights are incandescent bulbs.

Why You Should Make the Switch to LED

LEDs like the 1835 bulb provide the vehicle with a modern, clean look. In addition, when used properly, LED lights can last longer than any available halogen bulb. In fact, your LED bulbs may even outlast the car itself.

With high lumen output, instant on/off and the low energy draw, LED lighting technology out does the automotive stock bulbs at every turn. With this type of bulb, you will be able to customize your interior or add to the amount of usable light. You can even add vivid colors that will show off your unique style.

Which Colors Should You Use?

To get the best results, the LED color that you choose for your vehicle needs to be the same color as the lens. If the bulb is going to be behind a clear lens, then you will need to use the proper color for brake and turn lights.

For example, a red lens is going to filter out everything except for the red part of the light. Therefore, if the light is completely red, very little if any light at all is going to be blocked with the lens. The light of a white LED has a minimal amount of light in the red part of the visible spectrum. Therefore, the majority of the light is going to be filtered out by the red lens.

The 1835 bulb is a bright LED replacement for the #1835 miniature bayonet based incandescent lights. It has an integrated diffuser that makes wide angle viewing possible. You can choose from a wide variety of vibrant colors, such as amber, blue, green, red, white and yellow. The voltage is 55V, which can be difficult to find anywhere else and the low current consumption provides you with an excellent way to conserve energy.

The advantages to making the switch from incandescent to LED are numerous. It is highly likely that you will not have to worry with replacing another bulb for the life of your vehicle.

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