Replace A Missing Tooth With Teeth Implants In Eagan, MN

No matter how well we brush and floss, no matter how many dental exams we have, sooner or later there will be a tooth that must be removed. When a tooth is removed, a hole is left in the line of teeth. This empty space can be mildly irritating or a major source of dismay. In the past, one missing tooth was an inconvenience that had to be lived with but, now, there are individual Teeth Implants in Eagan MN available. Replacing that missing tooth can make one’s smile complete once again.

Teeth Implants

A tooth implant is the accurate reproduction of a single tooth. It is made from careful measurements of a person’s mouth including the teeth on either side of the space and above the space. This new tooth is made to fit the space and the bite in the dental lineup. In addition, it is made to match the other teeth in color. The Teeth Implants in Eagan MN are permanently installed by a special screw or peg that is drilled into the jawbone and attaches to the bottom of a crown.

Once an implant is installed, it is like a permanent tooth and blends in with the surrounding teeth so that no one can tell it is not an original tooth. This is one way to restore a perfect smile.

Other Dental Services

Dental clinics such as the Dakota Dental & Implant Center offer a complete line of dental services in addition to dental implants. Before a dental implant is possible, the patient must have a dental exam and teeth cleaning. This is because teeth must be clean before they can be accurately matched for color. The surrounding teeth and the gums must be in good condition to make this solution practical. If the adjoining teeth will needed to be removed soon, the patient would be a candidate for a partial plate. If the bite is off, that should be repaired before an implant is used.

A dental clinic will want to provide each client with the best dental care and solutions to dental problems. They consider the whole mouth rather than one missing tooth. Browse the website for more helpful information.

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